Farm life instills in one a deep sense of respect for family, a love of land and the joys of collaborative effort. Our CrossBarn wines are a reflection of these ideals and of our commitment to sustainable vineyard practices and gentle winemaking techniques. The “cross barn” was nestled in the middle of our one hundred fifty year old family farm in upstate New York. A favorite haunt for my siblings and me, it took on a life of its own and remains in our memories as a place of great mystery and adventure. – Paul Hobbs

CrossBarn wines offer a pure and youthful expression of fruit blended from diverse vineyards within California’s finest appellations. Our mindful vineyard practices yield impeccable fruit at harvest, allowing for a minimalist, traditional approach to winemaking with an eye toward innovation and exploration. The pursuit to perfect a profile of lively, vibrant fruit allows our wines to express the pure essence of each appellation.

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Sebastopol, CA 95472


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